Sunday, April 25, 2010


Why not? I'm so terrible at keeping my journal, probably because, although I really love the actual process of writing and practicing neat handwriting and all that, the way that I write dictates that my hand immediately becomes sore after 2 and 1/2 words. I'm not even kidding you, I flipped to a page in my journal from last October that read as follows:

"Wednesday, October 21st 9:38 pm

So, it's been forever "

THAT'S IT! "So, it's been forever"

No period. Apparently my hand was so tired it sent lazywaves all the way up my arm and into my brain, making it forget how even to use correct punctuation.

Anyway, all that as a preface to tell you that a big part of why I'm starting this blog is to hopefully begin a healthy new habit of regular journaling. So that, in 43 years when I'm 68 I won't be wondering, "I wonder what I did on April 26th," I'll just look at the blog archives for 2010 on my 3D holographic computer.

It's been a long time since I kept a blog. Back in '03, when I first joined Xanga, I thought that was going to be it, but I ended up breaking things off with Xanga for Facebook (Sorry, Xanga, I shouldn'tve done that to you, that was cold) and my most recent Xanga entry remains the March 23rd entry from last year.

I thought about going back to Xanga, except that 1. Nobody uses it anymore (how strange is it that that makes me feel sad for Xanga?) and 2. I figured blogspot seems pretty reliable and decent. Also because I feel that I need a nice new blog to reflect the grown-up me, and if I went back to the one I used when I was 17 I'd also have to start painting my jeans again and listening to Smashmouth (Oh wait, I still like Smashmouth....)

At any rate, I'm going to try to start using this as a means of documenting my crazy life. The inspiration for such comes from a certain excellent un-fireable housewife whose site is way more cool than mine will ever be. I think I literally had the thought "Wow, this is way too hip for me understand" at several points while reading hers. I'm fairly certain this is also the first time she has learned that I have even read her blog (if indeed she's even happened across this page) which is probably pretty creepy, my admitting that in my own first post, but oh well. C'est la vie, as French people and B*Witched would say.

Can I just say how thrilled I am that this semester is coming to a close? I knew it would be busy, but whoosh, I've had exactly no time for any of the things I love (music, reading*, gardening, cooking, walking barefoot on the grass, watching the Discovery Channel, knitting, flying kites, visiting Yoder, writing letters, or any other of the plethora of mostly-domesticy things I love to do) as I've been ensconsed in a rigor of academia that's given me a pretty viscous dosage of 20+ page paper writing, classroom observation, and late-night studying. I've been "barely-ing" my calling with Institute thanks in large part to the Herculean efforts made by my awesome number two (who maintains a school-work-RS president schedule with flying colors herself)and the fact that in a rare instance of foresight on my part I prescheduled a lot of the necessary Institutey things (meetings, spiritual thoughts, etc.), allowing me to coast through many of the weeks. No more! I'm stoked that, as of the 2nd-3rdish week of May my schedule will be scaled back to a mere 32 hours of working a week at El Banco, so I'll have much more time for REAL LIVE PLANNING OF GOOD AND AWESOME AND SWEET SUPER NIFTY activities and ideas for Institute, not to mention a ton of the aforementioned sometimes-domestic activities loved by yours truly.

This summer is gonna be spectacular.

Speaking of spectacular things,:

Well, I was going to post some pictures of Fatty the Wonderfish for you all to look at, but they're taking longer than I hoped, so in the interest of finishing this post and retiring to my bed, I'll leave you with some others:

Broomball is a sport that I have fallen unexpectedly in love with. It started as a one-time activity a few months back for the combined singles wards and has morphed into a fun weekly activity that myself, Scooter, Jactually, Bro-ay, and others have developed quite an affinity for (I've also borrowed the abovementioned housewife's penchant for pseudo-anonymity with friend-referencing; usually a good idea for the intarweb and anyway those of you within named know who you are). The results of this zany game include but are not limited to 1. unavoidably bruised/mashed up knees, 2. Mormonite (That's Mormon and Mennonite) cameraderie, 3. sore inner thigh and back muscles, 4. heretofore unknown competitiveness in yours truly and 5. increasing hand-eye-broom-coordination. I might also mention that we don't actually use brooms as shown up there in the picture. That must have been some sort of one time thing, because now we use sticks that have rubber triangles at the bottom for hitting (much more convenient both in terms of velocity and ice-stabbing).

Speaking of brooms:

So, big thanks to my favorite radish-earring-maker-and-fellow-penguin-lover for clueing me in to the Haps at Wichita State. Seriously, this Quidditch thing has been going on WITHIN THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT for several months now, and I only learned about it because she saw an add in the CITY PAPER and linked it to me via FB message. I'm ashamed of myself. But anyway, of course, once I learned that people here are trying to form a real team to compete in the real live league (laugh all you want, naysayers, it's up-and-coming)I of course had to be a part. Thanks to my insane schedule for the bulk of this semester, I've unfortunately only been able to make it to one practice but because the captain of said team is an awesome person, she's made me feel more than welcome and I know that once I stop being so busy (I'm counting the days) I'll be able to start attending practice regularly.

Well, that's quite enough for one post; it's been rather sport-ish, which is fine, just unusual for a person who named their blog based on their immense love for music and reading.
*About that, what do you all think of the name LedgerLineLiteraries? It's supposed to be an amusing alliterative allusion :) to the fact that my two main loves are for books and playing the flute/piccolo (which often ascend into the stratosphere of ledger linery). I'm still cooking on it, so let me know if you have any better suggestions.

I think that's about it for now, but remind me next time to blog about Yoder, Delta Zulu Foxtrot, and strawberry plants, among other things!!